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  • Renee Burns

From the Pediatric Operation waiting room...Dec. 4th, 2019

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Your daughter is 4 mlq2 working toward fortified, with 2.4 tpn, continue .05 fentanyl, suppository q12. We are tracking Neoprufen impact on PDA. Blood transfusion will continue. The bolus was administered at cares this morning. The Ripoggle continues to pull dark secretion and we are watching amounts. Two small emesis overnight. We will continue antibiotic for the next 24 hours until CBC comes back. Nava tube has been reduced. CPAP oxygen between 21-35% continues with Peep at 8, let’s see if we can ween. She continues to have dsats and most are self-resolved, we will continue to monitor. Xray q12. PRN Adavant and order chest xrays q12 and get another head ultrasound. Any questions before we move on to your other daughter?

The above has been the general morning brief at rounds.

This morning is spent anxiously pacing in the family waiting room for preemies in surgery. Vivian was rolled off at about 7:15am after mom and I spent 45 minute saying good morning and firing her up with all the parent love and energy we could muster. A team of 5 moved Vivian down a floor and Renee and I relocated to a new area of operation for the day.

As I anxiously await my lack of control and vulnerability surfaces as I occasionally get an update or can get a process update via a screen in the waiting area. After our consultation yesterday with our surgeon (Renee was in person and I called in from Duluth, serious snow removal efforts in the last 48 hours) a few things remain front and center: Vivian is less then 2 pounds and she has a total of 4 table spoons of blood in her entire body. Areas of vulnerability include pancreas and bile duct.

If all goes well today we will have a follow up with surgeon in 5-7 days to see how things went, if Vivian has any leaky pipes, and if and when we can start her on the good stuff (Momma’s milk). Best case scenario, all goes well and Vivian will have increased in reflux for the next 3-6 months (possible daily vomiting)- but hopefully all she will have moving forward is just a cool scar on her belly that she has no recollection getting!


Anxious Dad



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