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  • Renee Burns

Reflections from the road with our little warriors (taken from the social media post):

The following is taken from our social media post for those who are not on Facebook,etc. -

We are currently in Salt Lake City, UT staying with a friends mother who has graciously opened up her downstairs apartment for us. We are about 10 minutes from the base of Alta/Snowbird. We are skiing here for a week before heading to Colorado.

Some folks have been curious about how we are traveling with twin two year olds, during covid, and getting in as much skiing as we are…truth is- as glamorous as it is- it’s been extremely hard as well.

Don’t worry, our privilege is not lost on us, our ability to work remotely, to have the resources to have a van that we can work/live out of and not be exposed to crowded indoor spaces is beyond a luxury. We are also aware of our good fortune to have such an amazing community of friends/family who live in beautiful areas that have opened up their doors for us.

But- as the saying goes- ‘No matter where you go, there you are’. We are still a full time parenting/working couple- living between the road, other peoples spaces, and a van.

Zach and I get up each morning, make the girls breakfast, take turns checking emails, taking work calls, etc. It was -11 degrees this past Monday where we were, and we had to pump the propane in the van, set up our laptops, and switch off and on taking zoom calls while the other was inside with the twins.

Zach and I have to take turns going to the mountain- skiing half days, then doing lunch as a family- then getting the girls geared up and ‘skiing’ with them on the magic carpet. Then setting the other parent loose to go make some turns.

Zach and I have not skied together on this trip outside of the magic carpet 😆- but we have enjoyed the solo time to be out in the elements- then reconnect and share our stoke at the end of the day with eachother.

We do not have childcare, it is all hands on deck 24-7. Our girls are definitely learning how to say “NO” on this trip- and big surprise- they are getting good at vocalizing their boundaries (don’t know where they get it🤷‍♀️).

The COVID anxiety cloud is also very real for us, as we have tested regularly along our travels, have not played “tourist” or even gone into the lodges at the bases of the ski resorts we have been to.

Vivian spent a night in the ER in Salt Lake at the University of Utah’s children’s hospital three nights ago. An uncontrollable cough and labored breathing landed us there at about 1 am- resulting in us now being the proud owners of 2 infant inhalers for her.

We still got to the hill that morning, made some turns with the girls, made some memories as a family, and relished in Vivian and Eloise’s smiles and giggles as if the previous night had never existed. They continue to be the definition of warriors to us.

This is quite an adventure, one we would not have imagined in our wildest dreams two years ago. Non-the-less, as we all know when it comes to social media- we put our best faces forward. May this be a gentle reminder that it’s not always beautiful, glamorous, and full of smiles. We have been regularly administering oral steroids for Viv, avoiding crowds, seeking out the nearest COVID testing center, and attempting to ski and work while being full time parents as well.

🙏Counting our blessings, our health, and our community to be able to be on such an adventure…and reflecting on the importance of the old phrase to ‘not judge a book by it’s a cover’ (or a bottle of wine by its label if you know me 😉)….Cheers 🎿🍷🎿🍷👯‍♀️


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