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  • Renee Burns

March, 2020- After 130+ days, this little family checks out!

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

As promised, we said we would share updates other than on Friday’s if there was something worth updating....

Well, after a 106-day NICU battle, Vivvy-Lou has come home!!!!! (Well, to the apartment across the street)

We are spending this evening staring at our little girls, both unplugged and together for the first time since birth last November....and for the first time as a family, not as “patients” of the hospital since last October-

We’ll be here (in the cities) through Friday, and will have follow-up appointments to check on the girls eyes and weight this week....and if all goes well, we hope to drive north, as the Burns party of four, next weekend. It’s an indescribable feeling....

Until Friday!



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